Noah Rosenfield
Based in New York City

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December 10, 2015



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Say "Ahoy!" to everyone's (second) favorite video-game hedgehog. The intrepid Captain Quill has lost his hat and it'll take all the mettle you can muster to recover it. Tilt your device a little to roll our chubby champion. Tilt your device a lot to slide the cargo and rearrange it to grant him safe passage.


The project began...

as avante-garde performance art, exploring simple metaphor through atonal grunting.

Just kidding. The project actually began...

in 2013 as a minimalist game inspired by classic interlocking and disassembly puzzles. There were no hats, no pirates, and no hedgehogs so adorable you wanted to pee your pants. And that was fine, but "fine" wasn't what we were after. It seemed like the best way to give it more character was to give it a character, which went something like this:

-What rolls?
-A pill bug!
-Ew, no. What else?
-A hedgehog!
-Perfect. Nobody has ever done a game about a hedgehog. Nailed it.
-What about Soni—

When it came to the behavior of the game board and boxes, not a whole lot of real-world parallels came to mind. Luckily, we only needed one. And we got it, with the added bonus of allowing us to throw in the pirate theme.

Character wears hat. Character loses hat. Character retrieves hat. It's a plotline staple that took us forever to think of. But eventually we realized that it's not gold or jewels that pirates covet most. It's couture (obvi).

And that's how we spent our summer vacation!


  • Cratefuls of content: 100 levels of mind-bending, deck-tilting, hog-rolling, physics-based gameplay.
  • Test your wits, not your wallet: No luck, no purchases. Just challenging, hand-crafted puzzles.
  • Pick it up in an instant: Literally! Intuitive, accelerometer-based controls create a unique, enjoyable experience.
  • Feast your eyes: Beautifully detailed illustrations optimized for all your iOS devices.
  • Feast your ears: A jaunty and original score, inspired by relaxing classics to soothe your fevered brain.
  • Easter Eggs: The sea has its secrets. Think you've got what it takes to uncover them?


Tilt: Quill's Quandary Trailer YouTube


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From the Peanut Gallery

"Plays great. Getting used to the movement was quick and easy." - Gabe

"I like it. I like games that remind me of life." - Mary

"I'm loving it." - Sol

"I could play this forever..." - man who tested it for 15 minutes without speaking

"How did you make this? With your brain and hands? Ridiculous." - Kat

"You're a wizard..." - Dad

"I love it. And you <3" - Mom, level 45

"If you weren't my own boy, I'd be cursing the game designer." - Mom, level 86

"You sadist! Sadistic devil!" - Mom, level 87

About Our Team

Based out of a pair of NYC living rooms and the occasional bar, Noah Rosenfield (developer/designer) and Danny Rivera (artist) are dedicated to crafting the highest quality gaming experiences and lowest quality jokes. Tilt: Quill's Quandary is the first-born child of their auspicious collaboration.

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Tilt: Quill's Quandary Credits

Noah Rosenfield
Designer, Programmer, Composer

Danny Rivera

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